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Discover Bryan Lewis Heating & Cooling

Your Comfort Is Our Satisfaction And

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee!

A wise man said, "A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches." Our passion is to be known as the most trusted and respected residential and commercial heating and cooling company in the St Louis Metro East. Our goal is to improve the HVAC industry's reputation one client at a time.


"I've served our local communities now for over 27 years and plan to for another 27. Thank you for visiting our site. Please see our complete line of services and let us know how we can make your indoor comfort experience better."

                              Bryan Lewis, Owner

Kristen C, Collinsville IL

GOD BLESS Bryan Lewis Heating & Cooling!!! Our AC went out late Saturday night. A company I'll NEVER call again, came out, spent about 3 hours, quoted me $9998 for a new unit. Ours is old so I figured we probably would need a new one but didn't want to spend $10K. I wanted a second opinion. Bryan came and quickly diagnosed it was just a bad capacitor. He saved me over $9900! I'll be calling Bryan from no on!!! 
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Take Advantage of GE Appliance Air & Water Division Spring Promotion. Rebates up to $500! on ALL their heating & cooling products

Up To $2,650 In IRA (25c) Tax Credits

$100-$1075 In Ameren Rebates

For Qualifying Equipment.

Call Today For A Free Assessment!

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Is your cooling system ready for this summer's heat? Whether you have an air conditioner or ductless mini-split, we are here for that needed AC repair, and yearly maintenance of your air conditioning system. When fall arrives, we will ensure your furnace, heat pump or boiler is running at optimum performance, ready for that first cold winter day. From Granite City to Highland, from Alton and Edwardsville to Swansea and O'Fallon; you deserve peace of mind that your indoor comfort system will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Call us for next that service, maintenance, and upgrade need. We take all major credit cards and offer financing, with approved credit, for service repair and that new upgrade.

Why not schedule a spring tune-up today?

Give Us A Call. You'll Be Glad You Did!

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Repair Services

        Attention to Detail Guaranteed

"The furnace isn't coming on." "My radiators are not hot." "I can hear a clicking sound in my thermostat but my furnace isn't working." In 27 years, we've heard them all; and were able to diagnose the problem and provide the solution. Whether you need your furnace serviced, or your heat pump or boiler repaired, give us a call. Having issues with a ductless mini-split, or roof top unit? We're experienced at servicing these as well. Give us a call! 


Is it time to replace your old system? Click Check Here.  You decide when it's right for you without pressure sales. I can answer any question you may have and provide options that fit your needs and budget. We also offer financing options, with approved credit, for both service and new installation.


 Give Us A Call At 618-501-1853

Maintaining Your Comfort System

This is an investment, not a cost!

A planned maintenance program for your heating and cooling system is as important as yearly maintenance on your vehicles. You would never go a whole year without changing your oil, rotating the tires, replacing filters, and maybe a wheel alignment. Why treat your HVAC equipment any different? If you desire lower utility consumption, fewer repair calls, and increasing the life of your cooling and heating equipment, then a Bryan Lewis Comfort Membership is right for your home or business. Click on SAVE MONEY to see a why it's the right choice for you.

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Air Distribution Services

We're Experts In The "V" In HVAC

Did you know more than 70% of all duct work in Metro-East homes are undersized. Shortcuts taken to save building costs, inexperience, and lack of caring; all contribute to the poorly designed indoor comfort systems in your community. Bryan Lewis has made it a point to his technicians know how to size ductwork, ensuring proper flow of air is arriving where and when you need it. If you are experiencing hot and cold areas within your home or office building, give us a call. It may be a duct issue and not a problem with your heating and cooling equipment. If you’re looking for an experienced HVAC Contractor who knows the importance of properly sized ductwork, then you've come to the right place.

Call Us At 618-501-1853

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Know Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
You Can Breathe Easier Knowing What You're Breathing.

The EPA states, “Since most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, mostly in their homes, much of their exposures to airborne pollutants will happen in the home.”


From High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and ultraviolet germicidal lamps to setting relative humidity, understanding biohazards and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); we understand IAQ.  Let us provide a solution for your home or office. 

GIVE US A CALL 618-501-1853

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