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We Are Guests In Your Home

You've worked hard for your home and we'll treat it with the respect you deserve. We provide AC repair and maintenance services for all cooling needs. Need a furnace or boiler repair--you have your covered. We'll take care of your air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, boiler, ductless mini-split, PTAC, or package unit.


Are technicians can diagnose your indoor comfort system, no matter make or model: Bryant, Carrier, Ducane, GE, Goodman, Gree, Lennox, Mitsubishi, Weil-McLain, and York, and all those in between.


Our customer service representatives and technicians may ask several questions (just like at doctor's office before your appointment) to better understand your cooling or heating issue. From our diagnostic we will present options to you. We take all major credit cards and provide financing options, with approved credit, for service and upgrade installations. We Provide A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Our promise to you, "Your comfort is our satisfaction, and your satisfaction is our guarantee!"

Do You Need Your Heating System Serviced?

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Attention to Detail Guaranteed

Fast, friendly service is just a call away. We'll arrive on time, ask a few questions, diagnose the problem with your furnace, heat pump, or boiler; then give you recommendations to solve your heating system issue. We have upfront pricing. You'll know the exact amount to get your indoor comfort system back to optimum performance. And, if you choose to have us finish the repair, we'll waive the trip charge as a thank you for choosing Bryan Lewis Heating & Cooling LLC.

We take all major credit cards, cash, and offer financing, with approved credit.


HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is NOT for the DIYer

Why Choose Us For Your Tune-Ups?

It's not a DIYer job anymore. Heating and cooling systems have advanced in technology and continue to be more complex. Intricate control boards, 24 volt, 120 volt and 240 volt wiring, hot surface igniters, and various safety switches are nothing to mess with. Your system may be off, but accidentally touch a capacitor and you'll get shocked with up to 440 volts. Use too much water pressure washing off your coils and the irreversible damage may cost you thousands to replace. 

Trust us with these tasks. We perform over 20 inspection points, from cabinet integrity, loose wires, and proper air flow to blower wheel alignment, motor amp draw, safety switch inspections, and proper condensing coil cleaning; just to name a few. We offer Early Bird Specials and a Bryan Lewis Comfort Membership that saves you money now and on future repairs and upgrades.  Click on our links to see which best fits your needs.

Bryan Lewis Comfort Membership

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Indoor Air Quality

Breathe easier with high efficiency air purification

No need to suffer in your own home from allergies or other respiratory issues.

Your typical one inch filter located within your cooling and heating system is not there to provide clean air for you but to protect your system. A dirty filter or clogged filter reduces air flow, thus placing undue wear on your AC's compressor. It has to work harder to cool your home. A dirty filter also can also contribute to early failure to the heat exchanger in your gas furnace. This is why we recommend changing your filters every month or every quarter depending on the size of the filter and indoor environment. How many times are outside doors opened during the day, number of smokers in the home, any pets; all these factors contribute to the life of your filter. Your indoor comfort system is a big investment. You need to protect it.


But what about protecting your family's health? Are there choices to ensure everyone is breathing the cleanest air? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who in your home suffers from respiratory ailments like asthma, allergies, or issues brought on by smoking, COVID-19, or other complications?

  • Do we need to decrease particulate counts, eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde which is off-gassed from new furniture, carpet or adhesives?


If you're concerned, call us today to set up an in-home analysis. Once we have determined your needs, we'll offer solutions that will decrease the respiratory triggers for which your family members suffer.

Call today!  618-501-1853

Stop Suffering

Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Indoor comfort with a new high efficiency system

Be comfortable, have peace of mind with a Bryan Lewis Comfort system.

Are you ready for a new high efficiency indoor comfort system that will lower utility consumption, and provide quiet indoor comfort? Whether you need to upgrade your air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or boiler, Bryan Lewis Comfort will give you the choices and expert installation you deserve.

Would adding a ductless mini-split to an upstairs or 3-season room make sense? Call today for your free estimate. We install Ducane and GE cooling and heating equipment; along with Wiel-McClain boilers and Gree ductless mini-splits--for both single and multi-zone applications.


See our list of equipment options below, then call today for a free assessment and quote on your new indoor comfort upgrade. We take all major credit cards and offer financing options, with approved credit, to fit your need and budget.

Accepted credit cards
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Residential Indoor Comfort Equipment

We're able to satisfy your needs while keeping your budget in mind. We offer cooling and heating equipment that meet  EPA mandated minimum requirements to high efficiency systems that meets local utility rebates and/or federal tax credit incentives. If humidity is an issue, let us show you how a modulating comfort system can give you the desired comfort level in your home while decreasing energy consumption.


Do you have radiant floor heating or radiators in your home? We are boiler experts! We'll provide you options from standard efficiency atmospheric boilers to our high-efficiency tankless models.

Ductless mini-splits are extremely efficient, very quiet and can provide comfort in those areas of your home a ducted system cannot. Tired of cold and hot spots in your home? Maybe a Bryan Lewis Comfort ductless system is right for you. Give us a call!

We also provide financing options, with approved credit, while accepting all major credit cards.

Accepted credit cards

Air Conditioners

No one likes being uncomfortable in our Illinois humid summers. Check out both our Ducane and GE lines of air conditioning units. We provide single- & two-stage units along with the latest in inverter technology. Let us help you choose the right unit for your home. Every system we offer comes with a 10-year parts warranty. Click on our Ducane and GE links below to see which system fits your needs.

Ducane Air Conditioners   |    GE Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Our heat pumps are NOT the heat pumps of the '80s. They provide excellent cooling in the summer and heating down to below freezing temperatures in the winter. The physics behind cooling your home is the transferring of heat. We technically do not cool anything off but remove the heat from the home. A heat pump not only transfers heat from your home in the summer but "pumps" heat into the home during the winter. It's kind of like an AC unit working in reverse. There is always a level of heat in the outside air. A heat pump collects that heat, pumps it from the compressor to your indoor coil where the blower transfers the heat from the coil to your living space. Transferring heat is much more efficient than making heat. This is why heat pumps are more efficient than gas furnaces or air handlers with electric heat strips. 


Heat pumps can be paired with a gas furance (called a dual fuel system) or the traditional air handler providing and all-electrical system. Check out your options below. See if a heat pump is right for your home. Just like our air conditioners, they come with a 10-year parts warranty.

Did you know you could qualify for up to a $2,000.00 tax credit with the right heat pump?

Click on our Ducane and GE links below to see which system fits your needs. Then give us call.


Call today to schedule an in-home assessment.  618-501-1853

Ducane Heat Pumps    |    GE Heat Pumps    |   GE CONNECT

Gas Furnaces

Whether you are on natural gas or liquid propane, our gas furnaces are an excellent choice for your heating needs. All our furnaces have high-efficiency ECM or variable speed blowers providing quiet air distribution throughout your home. We offer 80%, 96% and 97% AFUE efficiency rated furnaces with options in single-stage, two-stage, and modulating gas valvues. We can help you decide which technology is right for your home.  Our furnaces come with a 10-parts warranty, coupled with a limit-life warranty on the heat exchanger. Click on our Ducane and GE links below to see which system fits your needs.


The Inflation Reduction Act provides a $600.00 tax credit for 97% AFUE rated furnaces.


Call today for a free in-home assessment to see if you qualify.  618-501-1853

Ducane 80% AFUE Furnaces   |   Ducane Hi-Eff Furnaces   |   GE 80% AFUE Furnaces   |   GE Hi-Eff Furnaces

Air Handlers

Because air handlers draw air instead of pushing air through the evaporator coil, they provide higher efficiency ratings for your air conditioner or heat pump. All our air handlers have high-efficiency ECM or variable speed blowers providing quiet air distribution throughout your home. They come with a 10-year parts warranty and various heat kits that will match your heating needs in the winter. Click on our Ducane and GE links below to see which system fits your needs.

Ducane Air Handlers    |    GE Air Handlers


Boilers have been around for more than a century. They provide radiant heat that cannot be matched when it comes to comfort. No uncomfortable draftiness and their lifespan is close to 20-30 years. Our Weil-McLain boilers are second to none in performance and reliability. They have been a leader in the boiler industry since 1881. 

If you are ready to see which boiler is right for your home's application, give us a call.

Are you leaning towards radiant in-floor heating your home or a new out-building. Let Bryan Lewis Comfort help design the right in-floor design for you. We can provide zoning options as well as combination hot water and radiant heat options. 


Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless systems have been used around the world for decades. They are becoming more popular in the US for several reasons. Their footprint is much smaller than traditional heating and cooling equipment. They provide access to hard-to-reach areas within a home that make it impossible for which to run ductwork.

  • Do you have an enclosed porch you would like to turn into a four-season room? ​

  • Would like to add climate control to your garage/workshop?

  • Do you live in an older two-story home where you are using window units to cool the upstairs? 

If any of the above situations pertain to you, a ductless system may be the right solution. Click on the Gree Ductless Mini-Split links below to see which system fits your needs. Then give us a call to set up a free in-home assessment.


Call Today! 618-501-1853

Gree Single Zone    |    Gree Multi-Zone    |    Gree Multi Pro

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