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Commercial HVAC

Light Commercial: From Boilers To Roof Top Units And In Between

We are committed to providing a wide range of light commercial HVAC services. No matter the size of the job, we inform our commercial clients of the diagnosis and provide solutions to fit their needs and budget. We service churches, factories, offices, warehouses, and municipalities, and retail stores. If you own or run a commercial entity and are responsible for the care of the HVAC equipment, let us partner together for your next service or repair and ensure your system continues to run at its optimum efficiency with a comprehensive maintenance program tailored for your equipment. Take a look at our services below and call today to schedule an initial assessemnt of your HVAC equipment. We take all major credit cards for your service, maintenance, and replacement needs.

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Commercial AC Repair

Repair Services

We provide commercial service for your businesses heating and cooling systems. Whether it's a Carrier single phase split system or Weil-McLain boiler to a Trane 3-phase 460 volt roof top unit, we have the experience to provide superior repair services at an affordable rate. Our technicians receive yearly training keeping up with the latest HVAC technology. We ensure every member of our team also receives the proper safety training and essential diagnostic tools and meters to diagnose your indoor comfort issues. 


Call for your next HVAC service need.


Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

We maintain our landscaping, carpets, flooring, and ensure our windows are washed. We'll not neglect office or workshop equipment when it comes to maintaining them for longevity and reliability. But our HVAC equipment is usually out of sight--up on the roof. in a maintenance room, or behind a barrier or screen. When it breaks down is when we give it attention.

Don't wait for the unexpected. Call Bryan Lewis Heating & Cooling to set up a comprehensive maintenance program. Do not trust your investment to a residential HVAC company. Their expertise is not in roof top units, chillers or multi-stage boilers. We have the union trained experienced team that now how to split coils to clean them, perform all the mainteannce steps in preparing a large boiler for winter, and understand three-phase current.  Call today to set up a free assessment for your commercial HVAC maintenance program.

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Commerical HVAC Installation

The laws of thermodynamics are against us. Everything eventually breaks down. We're there to repair or fix it but there comes a point when parts are not available, or the inefficiency and mounting repairs are not economically sound. We can provide you with a valid assessment of your heating and cooling equipment. We will provide an estimated life span and incorporate an extended warranty program that will fit your needs and budget. From roof top units, ductless systems, and three-phase split systems to a high-efficiency boiler and piping, we will deliver superior installation for all your commercial HVAC needs. 

Ventilation and IAQ

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality are the least understood divisions within the HVAC industry. Poorly designed ductwork will hinder the most advanced and high-efficiency indoor comfort system.

People also forget about what we don't see. Bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and harmful gases can flood our workspaces. Left undetected, they can inflict health issues to your team and diminish production of any office or factory. We have businesses clients with teams of 2-3 people to a larger staff in the hundreds--all breathing the same air. It's no wonder colds and flu can spread so quickly. 

Bryan Lewis Heating And Cooling has the solutions. We know how to size ductwork. We can assess if you have the proper air flow for your size equipment. We also have solutions to ensure your team is breathing the cleanest air possible. From filtration, humidification, and energy recovery ventilators to; to HEPA purification and ultra-violet lamp eradication, we offer solutions for a healthy work environment.

Call us today for a free assessment. 618-501-1853

Air Purifier Installation
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